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About Us

It is down our valued customers that we have recently been pleased to welcome the fourth generation of our family into the business, Whitney (Jonathans daughter). This has added strength and stability to our investment plans and continued development for the long term.

It was back in the post Second World War time of November 1946, Jack Williams, of Truman's Park Farm (hence the name!!) and two members of staff, began producing concrete blocks, one at a time by hand. A good day would see 250 blocks being made. The business soon took off and expansion was required - Trubloc moved to Springfield Yard in Broadmoor. Extra staff and new machinery meant that Jack began making 3,000 blocks a day to try keep up with increasing demand.

Where it all began...

In 1962, upon leaving the RAF, Jacks son, John (soon to be known as John Trubloc) joined the firm & two years later a new concrete works was opened in Coygen Quarry, Laugharne - to complement the Broadmoor site. Bigger mixers and now a workforce of four meant production was up to 6,000 blocks a day. more lorries were needed to move them, all loaded and unloaded by hand(!!)


Trubloc took over the concrete works on Carew Airfield, and the Broadmoor site was closed in 1969. Carew and Laugharne became the two operating centres for time, untill in the 70's the decision was made to close the Laugharne depot, concentrating soley on the Carew site. Carew site remains the existing site to this day.

Family Business

Due to this dramatic rise in production, new delivery vehicles were invested in, now with hydraulic cranes, meaning quicker and better service to the Pembrokeshire building trade. Diversification into further building materials was introduced; sand, stone and bagged cement was made available to be delivered along side the blocks, providing a holistic service. Constant re-investment into the companys machinery and transportation have been made; a new fully automatic block machine was purchased in 2006; the first of its kind in Wales, and only the second in the UK.


In 2008 a fully automatic batching plant was added to the Trubloc family. This not only improved the speed and precision for the manufacturing process up to 30,000 blocks a day, but it allowed Trubloc to cater for an ever increasing customer base, which now covers 3 counties. An automatic strapping and stacking machine was purchased a few years later in 2012, and the most recent addition was in January of this year; a second fully automatic block machine. This took pressure off the existing machine, and allows us to have two different products available to be manufacturer simutaniously.

Expansion & Investment

Welcoming a fourth Generation

1983 saw a third generation be added to the firm after Johnathan (Johns son) had completed a four year apprenticeship at Pembroke Power Station. This period heralded a time of rapid expansion, as new, faster machines and increased staff enabled the business to producing a staggering 20,000 blocks per day - equivalent to six bungalows!!

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